Frequently Asked Questions

"I receive offers for my property all the time, why should I choose Acquisition Property Group?"

They are thorough and professional and get the job done!

"I dont want to submit my property through this site, can I call instead?"

Of course you can call. We answer all the calls we can and we’ll call you back right away!

"What will you do with my property once you buy it?"

Because we buy in bulk, we may resell your property right away OR we may hold it in our inventory for sale in the future.

"What are the benefits of submitting my property information on this website?"

  • The process is fast and easy

  • We can get you paid in as little as 3 days

  • We will cover all of the associated costs in selling your property, including title and escrow fees, conveyance taxes, and within reason, unpaid property taxes.

"Is there a cost for your services?"

No, there are no costs to you. the amount on the Purchase Agreement we sent you is the amount you will receive.

"How quickly can you make me an offer?"

We can get you a dollar figure right away- if you call us we may be able to give you a figure right away, over the phone. If you email us we’ll do our best to get you a figure within 24hrs.

"You sent me a purchase agreement, what is that?"

The Purchase Agreement is the document used to open Escrow or start the Sales Process. It contains the purchase price as well as the legal description of the property.

"How do I get paid for my property?"

Depending on the purchase price of the property either we will issue you a certified cashiers check upon the signing of the documents or wire the money directly to your bank account, your choice.

We can use a traditional Escrow Company if you are more comfortable with that method, or we can do a private closing and deliver the Certified Cashiers Check immediately right into your waiting hands. This method is the fastest.